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      Personalized Water Bottle Labels make a cool and affordable treat to serve your family, friends, guests, customers or business associates.  Custom water bottle labels are printed with a color laser printer on water proof paper.  You can place your personalized water bottle right in a tub of ice and the custom Water Wrapper will not smear or come off for up to 24 hours!  What a fun and unexpected surprise, when your guests to reach for a bottle of ice cold water and see your personalized label right on the water bottle!  Personalized water bottle Wrappers are great for all types of gatherings, including, weddings, birthdays, sporting events such as Soccer, Football, Baseball, Tennis and Golf, to name a few.   Personalized water bottles make cool advertising and handouts for your customers.  They are also great Fundraisers for School, Church, Charities, Political Events, and more.       






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  Water label Anniversary designs


Water label designs for Baby Shower and Baby Announcement      


 Water label Birthday designs for Junenile


Water label designs for Teen Birthday      


  Water label desings for Adult Birthday


Water Label designs for Over The Hill Birthday      


Water Label designs for Bridal Shower


Water Label designs for Graduation      

Water Label designs for the Holidays

Currently showing Christmas designs - More to come!

Water Label designs for Regilious events      


Water Label designs for Reunion


Water Label designs for School Events      

Water Label designs for Sport or Sproting Events


Water Label designs for Wedding      



      My Water Wrappers are super easy to put on your water bottle, in most cases, right over the existing manufacturers label.  Water brands vary in the size of labels they put on their bottles.  This is the reason I offer several sizes.  Please verify the size you need before placing your order by going to Water Wrapper measurements.  You are responsible for choosing the proper size to fit your water bottle.      
      Your order will come to you with the Water Wrappers precut and adhesive applied on one end.  They are so easy to put on, just line up your personalized Water Wrapper right over the existing water bottle label, wrap, peel off the release and press.  That is it!  You can also remove the existing water bottle label and put the personalized Water Wrapper right on the bottle.  Which ever works out best for you.      

Some companies (not mine) will sell you the personalized label and the adhesive separately, making you put the adhesive on  your personalized label yourself.  While other companies sell a label with adhesive all over the back which makes them very difficult to put on your water bottle without being wrinkled or misaligned.  My goal is to make the process as easy as possible and I believe I have done that for you.  You will receive your Water Wrapper order pre cut and adhesive already placed on one end.  The Water Wrapper are generally opaque enough to go over the existing water bottle label, no peeling labels off unless you want to.


FREE SHIPPING is available for personalized Water Wrapper orders totaling $50 or more, shipped by US Priority Mail within the US.  If another type of delivery is requested (Express, Fed Ex, UPS, etc.) the total shipping cost is paid by the customer.


If you don't see a design on my website for your special occasion, please let me know.  I would be happy to make a custom design for you at no extra charge!  PLUS, you can also add your logo or a picture, again, at no extra charge!

      Water Wrapper Prices are by size and quantity.  You can view prices for Water Wrappers and all items I offer on my Price Page.      
      Water is costly to ship due to the weight so help you avoid high shipping costs, I offer personalized Water Wrappers only (no water)!       

To place an order, please use my order form Feel free to email, text or call (below) me with any questions. 

Note:  There is no payment due by completing my order form.  Payment is only due when the emailed design sample is approved by you for production.


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      Call or text: (916) 215-7003      

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